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  • 排名
  • 單位
  • 報送量
  • 采用量
  • 1 司法局 [8 ] [7]
  • 2 市場監管局 [6 ] [5]
  • 3 文體旅游廣電局 [4 ] [4]
  • 4 教育局 [4 ] [3]
  • 5 農牧和科技局 [4 ] [3]
  • 1 向陽辦事處 [6 ] [5]
  • 2 繁榮辦事處 [10 ] [3]
  • 3 中和鎮政府 [3 ] [3]
  • 4 蘑菇氣鎮政府 [6 ] [3]
  • 5 大河灣鎮政府 [2 ] [2]

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  • 2020年04月10日據不完全統計,2019年以來,曲靖及其下轄市宣威市政法系統先后有10余名官員落馬。而今年1月3日,云南省曲靖監獄組織監獄中層以上干部接受“以案明紀”專題警示教育并召開專題警示教育大會,表示新年第一課從“廉”開始。
    2020年04月10日The mass shooting at the Navy Air Base in Pensacola, Florida, last month has been characterized as a terrorist attack, Attorney General William Barr announced Monday. Barr also publicly pressured the latter to help the federal judiciary unlock the two iphones used by terrorists. Apple has previously rejected an FBI request for help, saying Apple is also unable to unlock the user's locked iPhone. That attitude angered the U.S. Department of Justice.
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    2020年04月10日But what is most troubling for russia is the level of its shipbuilding industry, which is now a one-legged shipbuilding industry that can hardly build any large surface ships other than submarines. Since the collapse of the soviet union, they have built the largest surface-fighting ships-only 22350 frigates loaded with about 5000 tons of water, and ship one lasted 12 years. Even if the russians actually decided on a design plan, really did not know that the start of the year of the monkey to delay service, this is the most fatal defect of the russian navy!